Can I have an appointment on the same day I call?

Upper Valley strives to have same day appointments available everyday.  It is still recommended that appointments be made in advance follow-ups, routine care, and preventive care.   

How much does an office visit cost?

We will not be able to tell you the exact cost of an office visit before the appointment. Several factors are involved in determining this cost: the complexity of the medical decision-making necessary, the number of medical problems addressed, and other procedures that may be performed during this visit. While staff may be able to give you an approximate cost of our service fees, the actual cost of a visit is determined only after the visit is complete.

What is a pcp?

A PCP is your Preferred Care Provider.  This may be a physician (MD or DO), a physician assistant (PA), or nurse practitioner (NP).  Our physician assistants and nurse practitioners work closely with our physicians in providing team based care.  There may be times that the physician will request that you see the PA or NP or the PA/NP will request that you see a physician.  

Will I always be able to see my regular medical provider when I need an appointment?

This is your PCP.  We strive to keep all of your appointments with your PCP and their team.  Due to vacations and appointment availability, there may be times your PCP is unavailable and we may ask that you see another provider within our offices.  

What managed care plans do you participate in?

List of Insurance and Managed Care Plans

Will you call me with my test results?

Most of the labs we order are to be done prior to disease management appointments.  Results will be discussed at the appointment.  Labs ordered to assist the doctor in diagnosing a problem will also be discussed at the time of a follow-up appointment.  Test results may be viewed and printed prior to and after office appointments through MyChart.

When will my refills be called into the pharmacy?

Refills are handled Monday through Friday.  For faster service and greater convenience, MyChart is the best way to request refills.  Please allow 2 business days of your request for processing. Please check with your pharmacy at the end of the 2nd business day for your refill. 

What does fasting lab mean?

Fasting blood work requires that you have nothing to eat or drink except water for at least 10 hours prior to the blood draw.  Oral medications should be taken as usual with water.  It is also important to drink plenty of water when fasting to prevent dehydration.