KEttering Health Network currently participates in the following insurance/managed care plans:

The specifics of insurance coverage varies by insurance carrier and by employer. The contract is between you and your carrier. We do not know the specific terms of your coverage. You should know how your coverage handles the following:


A fixed amount you must pay on specific services. It is a requirement of your insurance carrier that you pay this at the time of service.  We will collect this at check in.


Amount you must personally pay before insurance will pay anything. This could be an annual total or an amount per episode of care in the case of hospitalization. You will receive a statement from us for anything applied to your deductible.


Percentage of the charge that you are responsible for. In some cases, this can be determined at the time of service. In most cases it is determined by filing an insurance claim. You will receive a statement from us for this amount.

Pre Certification or Prior Authorization

Requirement that certain services be approved by the insurance carrier prior to having the service done. This could include imaging services such as CT scans and MRI, physical/occupational/speech therapy, hospitalization. If you have prescription coverage, many medications also require prior authorization.

Contracted Lab

Some insurance plans require lab testing to be performed by specific labs.  Labs collected within our offices will be sent to LabCorp.  We can also send labs to Compunet upon request.  Please let us know this at the time of testing.  We can also provide you with a lab order to go to any lab of your choice.

Healthcare Savings Account or Reimbursement Account (HSA/HRA)

If you have an HSA or HRA, many of the above provisions still apply.