Our History

Upper Valley Family Care started by Craig Critchley, DO and Richard Plumb, DO has been independently owned and operated since 1981.


It takes more than just the doctor. We have a staff of dedicated, caring employees working together to serve you. Nurse practitioners, physical assistants, nurses, medical assistants, laboratory technicians, receptionists, schedulers, medical billers, record clerks, all have their areas of expertise. Many of our team members have more than 10 or 20 years experience at Upper Valley Family Care.

Patient Centered Medical Home

Both offices have successfully attained Level III NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home recognition.

We Listen

Everyone needs to be heard. We know that. We invite you to express your concerns, ask questions, and really let the doctor know what is on your mind. This allows us to do a better job.

We Explain

Medical science is often difficult to understand and the health care system can be confusing. We are able to interpret information in ways that make it understandable. We meet the challenge of translating medical jargon into information you can really use.

We Educate

Our team of nurse practitioners and physician assistant are available for patient education and life style modification training for medical conditions such as asthma, cholesterol, diabetes, osteoporosis, and smoking addiction.

One Stop Shopping

Many people are pleasantly surprised by the variety of services we provide in the office. In-house services include:

  • In-house laboratory

Our in-house COLA certified laboratory offers most standardized laboratory tests and offers the convenience of in-office blood draws.

  •  Cardiac testing

In addition to EKG’s normally done in the office, echocardiograms and other cardiac testing can also be done right in our offices.  Echocardiograms are done by highly trained and certified sonographers and read by Board Certified Cardiologists. IV therapy

IV fluid replacement can be done in the office.

  • Heavy metal chelation

Organic chemicals are used to bond with heavy metals in the bloodstream and tissues to remove heavy metals from the body.

  •  Pulmonary function studies

Testing done to determine lung capacity and how well the lungs move oxygen.

  •  Bioidentical hormone therapy

Treatment of hormone imbalances with bioequivalent topical hormones.

  •  Supplements

Medications and life style habits can interfere with the body’s natural functioning.  Available testing can assist in determining where your system may be out of balance helping the physician recommend natural ways to restore balance. Vitamins and supplements are not a guarantee for a cure, recovery, or increased longevity and do not take the place of traditional medical care but can be a supplement to traditional medicine.

Our Availability

Because we are a group practice with two locations, we can almost always provide appointments within 24 to 48 hours for established patients with acute problems. We try to keep you with the same provider and location but there may be times that we will request that you see another provider or go to the other office. Saturday hours at the Troy office are available for all patients with injuries and acute problems such as allergies, sore throat, and influenza.

We Take Preventive Care Seriously

There is no one in a better position to guide you through the maze of “Preventive Health Care” than our staff. We can help you implement preventive strategies that are uniquely appropriate for you through our Focused on You program.

Our Well-Trained and Compassionate Medical Professionals

Our Medical Staff includes DOs, MDs, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. We believe the breadth of training and expertise of these medical disciplines enhances our ability to provide outstanding medical care.


We use technology to simplify time consuming, personnel intensive tasks giving us more personal time with you. Technology in use at Upper Valley Family Care:

Electronic Health Record

In use since 2005 assists the doctors in trending data, provides visit summaries, and Focused on You reports with each visit.

Follow My Health Patient Portal

Our Patient Portal, accessible from the Follow My Health button on this web site,  provides secure email for simple patient questions, appointment requests, and more.

Focused on You

Upper Valley Family Care’s Focused on You program uses the information obtained from you and entered in your health record to determine if you meet nationally recognized health care goals or what needs to be done to get you there. A personal assessment considering your gender, age, and other key variables, run with each office visit, compares your current health status to the latest guidelines. Suggestions can then be made on ways to get you to goal.


E-prescriptions are computer-generated prescriptions sent directly to your pharmacy. Refill requests are sent to us from your pharmacy through the same network.

Automated appointment reminders and recall

Automated appointment reminder phone calls are made 2 days in advance of appointments between 6:30 and 8:30 pm. If you will be unable to keep your appointment, this system allows you to leave a message. 

In-House Billing

Insurance can be confusing. Our specially trained Patient Account Representatives are available to help you with financial or insurance questions.